7 Years and counting…16 Dec 2013

Each lady should have a list of qualities they looking for in a man. It makes the dating process just sooooo much easier.

I had a “top 10 list”, and when I got to know you better, I started ticking off all my specified qualities. Slowly but surely, I knew your THE ONE. It scared me at first, but this was a good scare.

You respected all my dad’s rules – even taking out your earrings when visiting me at home, lol! I knew you were serious about me, cos surely you had a goal in mind;-)

Before my dad passed away, he confirmed again that I found a good man. I agree 100% . Just wished that he could have been around to see that you are an even better father to Micah and Madison. Thank you for giving your all to me and the kids.

Today, we celebrating our 7th year of marriage, only through God’s grace. Friends and family helped a lot at times, they truly God-given.
I love you Simon Stevens; you mean the world to me.

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It’s all about L.O.V.E

After you’ve been married for a few years, the love that you share with your partner develops into so much more than “just love”. It’s so deep, that words doesn’t do it much justice. It’s an expression of who you are whenever you are with your partner, and even when they are not around. What you say to them, about them; it’s all a reflection of how you feel about them.

And then you have those moments that will forever be engraved in your memory, like last night…catching your hubby staring at you unexpectedly across the table; AND THEN UNEXPECTANTLY BLUSH #bbminloveface# Yip, gotta love being inlove:-)

However, it can easily be watered down, where we become comfortable and don’t go out of our way now and then to really show your loved one that they still bring butterflies to your stomach. Let this be an encouragement, to never forget who is really important.

So, I’m raising my glass and toasting to love, life and everything else shared with my man, Simon Stevens, MWAH!

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The unknown

The great unknown…filled with many possibilities and yet we are afraid to venture in without any doubts. Or in my case, started off strong, but somehow allowed distractions to affect me in such a way, that I’ve “left” things hanging in mid-air.

I’m sure some of the questions I asked myself has gone through your mind as well, such as:
Am I good enough?
Will I be able to maintain what I started?
Failure is not an option, but what if I do fail?
Will I be able to get over the embarrassment of failure?
What if they think my ideas has been seen before and I have nothing new to offer?
There is such a lot of talented people with the same thing I do – what makes me so special?

All these questions were going through my mind (and sometimes still do). I just need you to know that we can sometimes stand in our own way of success if we pay attention to these thoughts. We feel un-deserving of good things, based on past mistakes. Well, I’m not gonna allow my past to determine my future success. Everything in my life happened just as God intended it, and He doesn’t make any mistakes. The same goes for you out there.

If you have a goal, see yourself there already. It’s just a matter of time and  working towards reaching it.

My future is bright, because I have God in my corner:-)


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It’s hard to explain:-)

It’s hard to explain. ..that was my 1st assignment I had submit since starting  my course in creative writing.  I looked forward  to it like you wouldn’t believe.  Guess what,  old habits die hard.
Im the queen of procrastination.  Thats not even funny anymore. Why do I leave everything till the last minute?  Do I get some kind of rush out of it?  I know some people thrive under pressure, but this is just beyond the call.

Anyhoo, assignment completed and I must say,  really proud of what I achieved. Lets hope its a good score. Done and dusted.

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It’s hard to explain. ..that was my 1st assignment I had submit since starting  my course in creative writing.  I looked forward  to it like you wouldn’t believe.  Guess what,  old habits die hard.
Im the queen of procrastination.  Thats not even funny anymore. Why do I leave everything till the last minute?  Do I get some kind of rush out of it?  I know some people thrive under pressure, but this is just beyond the call.

Anyhoo, assignment completed and I must say,  really proud of what I achieved. Lets hope its a good score. Done and dusted.

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2013 in a nutshell:-)

This year for me has been an exceptional good year. A year where I experienced God’s hand, as well  as His silence. I started this year out a stay-at-home mom. I was blessed enough to look after our daughter Madison. Simply loved each moment of it. I lived my life like one of the Desperate house wifes:-) Had a good routine going as well. Breakfast to the family, clean house, gym, shopping,  visiting a friend or helping out at church. Yes, my days has been full.However,  I realised, being a housewife is definitely not for me. I started sharing my heart with God, found a hobby I liked (blogging) and wanted to take it further.

However, when I started doing research, I found that the courses out there can be really pricey, and we were not at the means to pay for studies at the time. So I told God, if this is in His plan for me to go study Creative writing, please provide the finances. I also started looking for work in the media sector, completely out of the retail field I was use to. Then our youth had their annual event called One Night Only in April and I was asked to assist at the tuck shop. I believe that my willingness to help opened a door for me supernatually. That night, I met a lady that was a divine appointment to where I’m working today (a story for another time) All I’m saying is that I got a bursary to go study Creative writing through my company. And that is how God provided.

I discovered as I became part of the working world again, that establishing a new routine can be tiring and frustrating. I must admit, I got sidetracked few months, as other things became priority in my life. I’m ashamed to admit, but my kids was becoming too much for me to handle. I no longer depended on God’s help, as I was clearly struggling to keep head above water. Those months, I so much wanted anyone to reach out to me, just to say everything will be alright. But how would they know? I did not reach out to my usual friends. Slowly, but surely I lost focus on God and the plans He showed me.

But God has a way of bringing you back to where He intends you to be. He is in the restoration business and for that reason, I can never let go. He holds my future in His hands. He clearly spoke to me, saying that the plans He has in store for me, is to prosper me and not harm. He’s been faithful and good to me beyond what I deserve. I have accepted forgiveness and that has set me free. My past does not define me. I can walk with my head held high because of who I belong to.

And so, another year has gone. Many good and bad things happened. Sometimes, my choices that I made surprised even me. But I choose to learn from each experience. My encouragement to whoever might be reading, no matter what situation you have fallen into and seem to be drowning the life out of you, God’s hand can and will reach you in your pit. He can restore joy, love and peace. Just look at me…

Till we meet again,

No matter the circumstance…

Hello everybody

If you don’t believe that God’s word is practical, let me testify quickly:-)

I was blessed with 3children, all very different pregnancies. Only mothers can relate to this, by the way. When my 1st son, Nathanael, was born, he was premature and had to go to an incubator, which meant I wasn’t able to breastfeed him. However, I had an overflow of milk supply and could express as much as he needed. When Micah and Madison was born, I had no milk 1st few days, but baby latched properly and they could drink until there was milk for them.

I asked God why was this? And this is what He said: Rom 8v28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Three very different situations, and God worked it out for my good. With Nathanael, being in an incubator, he needed milk and God made it possible that I could fulfil that need. Micah and Madison had the ability to latch and could go the normal route.

The Word is alive! So, no matter what your situation, all things work out for our good.

Yours in Christ

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I can write a book of each person that ever touched my life; whether it was just for a moment, at work, at church, party or even school!
I met such a lot of characters and is really grateful for the experience. One thing I can say…I love diversity, and it definitely shows in my friendship circle.

There’s the one who never have a bad hair day…the one that is the financial planner and extremely clever…the one that is too soft that avoids confrontation…the one that has been there forever and a day (since high school)…the one that loves to travel…the one that comes and goes…and comes back again…the one who is exactly like me in their thinking…the one that I’m very chuffed to be associated with…and so many more. These are the people that makes my life exciting and gives meaning to it.

However, when friendship drift apart, we often wonder what went wrong? And even when you try to do something about it, it just don’t “gel” anymore. Those are the times that I console myself and say the season is over. We might hook up again in future, if God allows it. But for now, we don’t need each other anymore. It can be painful at times, but trust God in everything:-)

So I say to you…be the friend you would like to have.

Yours in friendship

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Hello to the world out there…and even you who secretly read my blog, lol! It’s monday again. Possibly my favourite day of the week? You ask why? When to most it’s a “blue” monday…going back to work…start of a new diet…continue looking for that eluding new job…facing giants at work…

As a stay-at-home-mom, I usually choose not to do anything on a monday. It’s my rest day. Today in particular, I was contemplating baking some easy cookies and started looking for the recipe that I wrote down in a book that my hubby, Simon, claimed as his (oih). I thought I saw the book in his cupboard. While I was browsing through lots of books and stuff, I came across a bag that had these really old birthday cards, christmas cards, and even a valentines card I received back in standard 7!!! (Grade 9). Yip, I can be sentimental at times…Obviously no longer thinking about finding the book to bake the cookies, I went and scratched out old letters (yes, these were before email,lol) and it made me say thank you to myself for keeping all these lovely memories….which reminded me that I left all my scrapbooks of primary school in my parents house, lol! I remember I had a whole book dedicated to New Kids On The Block, hehehe.

Yip, I got sidetracked, but I loved the trip down memory lane. Needless to say, I’m still looking for the recipe. Think it will just be easier asking my friend for it, lol!

Whatever you do to start your week, remember to do everything to the best of your ability.


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Am I loosing enthusiasm?

It’s been a while, yes. But I have my reasons. I must say, always wanting to say the “right” thing, and not being “misunderstood” is sometimes hard. But here goes!

I’m sure you all know how it feels to always be the one trying to get people hyped up and excited about things. Well, I think I’ve reached a stage where I wanted to confront people about the lack of commitment. And then I realized. It’s wrong to hold people accountable to MY values. What’s priority for me, might not be for you. So, my silence these past weeks has really been an internal struggle…and feelings about others that was/is totally out of my control. Oih, at the end of the day, I’ve learned that you can only control your own response (yes, old lesson just being refreshed) What I’ve also learned is that this situation wanted to drain my enthusiasm I have for God’s people and His work! Not ever again will I be silenced by this attack (obviously driven by dark forces) Anyway, I’m still here, and back with a vengeance, lol! Yours in love…Jem

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Do you have any quirks?

The weather is slowly changing towards autumn. So, the other night, I wanted to sleep with socks on. Haven’t worn socks in a while, so I grabbed the 1st pair in my drawer…winnie pooh cartoon characters, lol! So, naturally, I had to cover my right foot 1st (cos the right side is the ruler,lol) and I discovered that the sock had a hole in it! Immediately I took it off cos how can I put a broken sock on the best foot? So I put it on the left foot, hehehehe. To my disgust, when I put the other sock on my foot, that one also had a hole!!! Instead of searching for another pair, I just measured which hole is bigger, and came to the conclusion that the smaller hole is now on the right foot, which meant I was gonna sleep just like that, lmk!
It made me think…do you also have a quirky behavior?

Yours in quirks…Jem:-)

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